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Confidence isn't taught in schools 😢 so we need to develop it along the way. It's like any skill - it's never too late to learn - and it can be fun to practise those skills! Join me for this Free 7 Day Confidence Challenge where you will build your confidence muscle so you can Be Do and Have more of what you want in life.

P.S. Did I mention it's 100% free?

7 days. 7 lessons. 7 steps to a more confident you.

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7 Day Confidence Challenge?

I can't wait to help be a more confident person. I know when you have more confidence you'll

be able to ...... well, take on anything you want!

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Who's behind this challenge?

Samantha Leith is a Speaker & Coach with a singing career spanning 38 years. It takes a lot of confidence to get on stage regardless of whether it's 10 people or 10,000 - so she's learned a thing or 2.


She's built her confidence muscle in business and life over the years and is on a mission to help people Unleash their Extraordinary into the world.


When not helping others Dream, Believe, Act and Achieve she's harnessing her inner Nigella and making dinner for her gorgeous daughter Elodie.

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